Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yesterday, I introduced you to our oldest grandchild (and the oldest child of our youngest daughter), Antonio. Today, I'd like you to "meet" Raquel, Antonio's younger sister.

From the time Raquel was an infant, she has had the most beautiful smile, and open, warm heart. It quickly became obvious that she has a very strong personality, the gift of persuasion, and possesses the ability to suck the oxygen right out of the room! :-)

In addition to those powerful qualities, she has huge brown eyes and a head of very thick, gorgeous, naturally curly hair. Shall I just go ahead and say it?..... she's beautiful!

I captured this shot of her throwing a frisbee in the back yard sometime around the end of 2001.

Ever-ready for swimming! How Raquel and Antonio loved swimming in our pool with us while we lived in Arizona.

And who cares if I'm wearing some residual ice cream and cake?
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