Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The five photos in this post were all taken by my sister, Joyce, near her home in Florida.
Joyce has been taking pictures as long as I can remember; as a matter of fact, it was with her trusty Kodak Brownie camera that she captured most of the pictures that chronicle our young lives and the experiences of our family in North Carolina as well as in Florida.
I thought you'd enjoy seeing these pictures that she shared with me......and as you can tell, she loves nature as much as I do!
Thank you, Joy!!

Last night there was a lunar eclipse. Phil and I would love to have seen it, but weren't willing to stay up until 3:00 AM (Pacific time) in order to do so. However, I did capture the rising of the moon and the flow of planes as they continually flew into The San Francisco Airport.

Oh, well.....sometimes the flash goes off and I get stupid pictures. I actually thought this one was sort of fascinating. The imperfections in the glass look like stars of the universe, so we'll pretend that the small orb is the moon (which it is), and the big "orb" to the right is the sun! ha

This morning, once again, the sea had gone away! :-) As you know, I'm fascinated with the never-ending ebb and flow of the water that lies between the SFO landing strip and the front of the Marriott Hotel.

Phil and I flew from San Francisco very early last Thursday for the weekend in Las Vegas . I quickly captured a photo of the sun about to rise from behind some clouds as we were traveling on the tram that runs from the car rental center to the airport complex.

Just two photos from our Las Vegas hotel room (above and below). We went to LV in order to see two performances, "O" by Cirque du Soleil, as well as Celine Dion in concert (this is her final year performing there). Obviously, no photos allowed at either of those fabulous events.

Seated at the airport waiting for our plane on Sunday that would bring us back to San Francisco, we were fascinated once again to see the machines available to those who have the need to throw away a few more $$$ before they fly home. :-)

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's me, Myrna White.......NOT Paula Deen! (I'm often told that I resemble her a bit. While I'm a good cook also and I'm originally from the South, my southern accent is NOTHING compared to hers....."Yawllllll"! ha)

My beloved Phil

(Pictures of Phil and me taken at recent wedding in Minnesota)

Phil and I had the joy of attending the wedding of our son-in-law's sister recently in Minnesota. Above: Our daughter, Kim, with her husband, Paul (brother of the bride), and their beloved little one, JJ, who was flower girl for "Auntie's" wedding.

Flower girl....actually, princess extraordinaire!

Oh, how I love the sunrises here!! And how blessed we are to witness the splatter or outlay of color on the water of San Francisco Bay that accompanies the rising of the sun daily (that is, I'm able to witness it if I'm up and out of bed during the brief window of time that it's all occurring)! :-)
Remember to click on individual photos for larger viewing capability.

You know that I love going to the hotel window here in San Francisco each morning in anticipation of what the view might be. :-) The four photos in this post, with and without planes, show clouds heavy with moisture and hanging low in the sky.

Rays of sun like a curtain falling from the edge of the clouds to the sea, and a plane ready for landing gliding right underneath the cloud line

Water like glass in front of hotel, and a smidgeon of blue sky showing itself from behind the clouds

747 on approach for landing at SFO

As you know, Phil and I walk regularly in the afternoons here in San Francisco once he gets "home" from the office where he's working on the present engagement. I always feel that sun streaming from behind the clouds looks heavenly, and I couldn't resist the picture above.

Black-eyed Susans (one of my favorite flowers) and Canna (did I spell that correctly?) Lilies (one of my mother's favorites)

In the photos above and below, winged creations of dramatically different sizes and materials!

I love all the little ball-like cones on this Australian Pine along the walkway near the Marriott here in San Francisco.

Hydrangea blossom

Thanks, Teecie, for letting me know that the above plant/flower is an Indian Hawthorn. :-)

The lights dotting the sky are planes on approach for landing at SFO at dusk