Monday, June 02, 2008

Changi Singapore Airport is basically a brand new facility, open only a few months. It is HUGE, and beautiful! You can see Phil in line waiting for the United check-in desk to open so that we could check our luggage for our 6:45 AM flight to Hong Kong last Saturday morning.

The "wall" at the back of the above photo is made up of growth hanging from green plants. You can see a little better if you just click on the photo. (Then click the "back" arrow at the upper left side of your screen.)

One last look at Singapore, and the ships and barges, sitting, waiting their turn to unload their goods for the residents and businesses of Singapore.

Oooh, I love sights like this!! Where else could you stare out a window, look DOWN, and see cloud formations like this??

You KNOW how I love sunrises, sunsets and clouds! Every sunrise, every sunset, and every cloud formation is different! God, our Creator, loves variety, and His generosity provides me with a never-ending array to look at when I fly -- especially clouds. I just had to include these I saw, as I sat looking out the window on the flight between Singapore and Hong Kong.

He normally works basically nonstop on I love it when he really relaxes, reading or playing Sudoku (his favorite game)!

PJW "posing" for me (can he refuse, when HE supplies me with cameras?? ha) upstairs on the 747 prior to our flight to Hong Kong.

After our 12-hour flight from Hong Kong (2 hours less in flight than TO Hong Kong due to a great tailwind), our plane flew inland from the Pacific and turned back westward for landing. I took this picture of LAX as we passed by! ha

Once we had arrived in Hong Kong after our 3-hour flight from Singapore, we had to immediately get into a queue that would eventually dovetail into a single line for the purpose of going through security....even though we had been within security since the security process in Singapore. Once we got through this security and began boarding our plane for LAX from Hong Kong, we had to place our carry-on bags on a table and open them so that security personnel could plunder through them. THEN, we could finally get on the plane.

The beautiful "bird" that would fly us from Hong Kong to Los Angeles

We went through immigration and customs at LAX, and didn't have too long a wait before boarding our flight to San Francisco. I took the above photo once our plane had lifted from the tarmac and headed out over the Pacific before turning north toward San Francisco -- "Home" is in sight! :-)

Less than a minute later, I looked down over the waters of the Pacific and saw what I thought might be a school of porpoises (porpoi??). I took a picture immediately, but it wasn't until the plane moved a little farther and I could look back at "whatever" that I could see what appeared to be a very large group of kayakers.

I love flying into San Francisco and sitting on the left side of the plane, because I get to see the fascinating views like the one above and below. About two or three minutes before the plane lands, it goes over what I assume are water treatment plants. At different times of the year, the colors are much more pronounced, perhaps due to chemicals used, temperature, or the process itself. Anyway, the sight always intrigues me.

As our flight from Los Angeles finally landed at San Francisco Airport -- home, sweet home! -- I was able to grab a quick photo of our "home away from home," the Marriott adjacent to the airport. We LOVE "living" here!! :-) Our room is at the extreme left side, upper floor, of the higher portion of the building, overlooking the water and landing strip.

And finally....Phil took this picture Sunday, June 1st, from our hotel room after our return to SFO. It's a United 747 just like the ones we flew to/from Singapore (from LAX).