Monday, May 24, 2010

You *know* how Phil and I love airplanes! :-) Therefore, I can't help but include the photos in this blog update. The picture above: looking at the horizon through the window on the United 747 aircraft we flew from Chicago to San Francisco Sunday, May 16th.
Above: the 747 from inside the terminal (and there is a sun screen on the window, which creates the distortion you can see).

Photo of the same plane, taken from the tram that runs from the United terminal to the car rental center.

Photo of the tram track, SFO (taken from inside tram).

View from our hotel window....tide's out; plane taxiing to take-off point.

Above and below: 2 morning sunrises as seen from our hotel room, SFO.

Below: Huge wind harp, which sits atop the highest hill on the Genentech campus. (Phil's on his 5th engagement at Genentech, a biotech firm.) When the wind blows, the harp "sings." :-)

Teecie arrived in San Francisco on Friday morning, May 21st. We went out to dinner Friday evening, and the next day, Saturday, we enjoyed lunch and a long afternoon at Fisherman's Wharf. After lunch at Bubba Gump's on Fisherman's Wharf, Phil and Teecie were willing to "pose" with their feet in Forest Gump's (cemented-in-place) sneakers. :-)

Teecie pointing to shirt she purchased for Christopher, which says, "My mama says I'm special."

Merry-go-round on Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island in background; tour boat, and a sea gull who happened to fly into my shot when I took the picture. :-)

Sea lions, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Coit Tower to the left, Transamerica Building (center), San Francisco.

MKW...Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco...a cold and REALLY windy day! :-)

Teecie hugging the navy statue that has been erected at the rest stop on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Picture taken from the back seat of the car (Phil driving, Tee in front passenger seat) as we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Three photos taken on our drive along the Pacific Coast Highway as we drove from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay.

(Have NO idea what that structure above is!)

View of Golden Gate Bridge from the rest stop at north end of bridge (as we were headed to Sausalito for lunch). :-)

Four photos taken at the rest stop at north end of Golden Gate Bridge.

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Four photos taken as we drove southward from San Francisco along the Pacific Coast Highway last Saturday, May 22nd. Amazingly cold and WINDY!!

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As we drove along Pacific Coast Highway last Saturday, we enjoyed watching those who were wind surfing, such as above...

....and surfing, as in the photos above and below.

California seacoast along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating birthdays is always a special event...but celebrating the 13th birthday of any child is very special! Our oldest grandchild, Antonio (a toddler in the photo above), turned 13 on May 6th of this year, and we enjoyed being with him and his family for a couple days this past weekend in order to share in this milestone.

I just have to share some photos of Antonio "along the way," as I find it difficult to believe that so many years have passed since our beloved 'Tonio' was born!

Look at those beautiful curls in the photo above! I could hardly stand it when they were cut away, and he moved to little-boyhood. But, this must happen....:-)

By the age of three, Tonio already knew how to boot the computer and use it (and the mouse) in the playing of his little learning games. (As you can tell by his expression, he didn't REALLY want to have Grandma take his picture AGAIN!!) :-)

During the four years that Phil and I lived in Arizona, we loved having Antonio and Raquel, his younger sister, come and swim in our pool (and do flips off the side into the water!) They were the only two grandchildren at the time this photo was taken.

Tonio and his younger sister, Raquel. They love the water, which makes this grandma very happy!

Well, here is he, our precious Antonio, now 13 years of age! He is a kind and loving young man, and we're so proud of him! Not having had sons, Phil and I are experiencing some "firsts" with Antonio, our first grandchild, such as his deepening, changing voice! :-) (If that happened with our girls, I don't remember it.)

Tonio and Aunt Kimmie...and he's about as tall as she is now.

Antonio was very happy to receive a Nintendo Wii game from Grandma and Grandpa White. He will also have to share it (reluctantly, no doubt) with his mother, sister and brother. :-)

Antonio and Grandpa White, May 7, 2010

Lalo, Antonio's little brother, caught off-guard. (Grandma's camera is always looking for pictures! ha) Lalo is such a sweet and loving child. I love it when he comes readily to offer hugs!!

Kim and Paul, J-P and JJ

We love it when we get the chance to see Paul's parents, Bob and Evelyn Corens. They were in Phoenix this past weekend, so we were delighted to share Friday dinner, and Saturday lunch, with them.

I always share my camera(s) with the grandchildren when we're together so that they can take pictures of whatever they want; it's then a lot of fun to look through what they've captured once I download the photos from my digital camera.

Either Raquel or JJ took this photo of guitars suspended from the ceiling of Hard Rock Cafe, Phoenix. I love it!

Another photo by Raquel or JJ at Hard Rock Cafe, Phoenix

"Birthday boys," Antonio and Paul (with JJ and J-P), May 7, 2010

Birthday treats were Cake Pops from Mind Over, Phoenix! :-)