Monday, September 13, 2010

Phil and I spent last week (Sept 3 - 10, 2010) in Sedona, Arizona, with our middle daughter, Kimberly Corens, and her family including her parents-in-law. We had a wonderful time with Kim, her husband, Paul, their two children, Julia Jo (6) and Jason-Paul (2), and Paul's parents, Bob & Evelyn Corens.
We had three separate timeshare units at The Sedona Summit. Kimberly graciously prepared all of our (delicious) meals, which was a very special gift to Evelyn and me. Thank you, Kimmer, for all the planning, preparation, and serving!
There are numerous posts with photos that follow. (When you reach the bottom, just click on "Older Posts" because there are more photos of our time in Sedona.)
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I love letting our grandchildren use my cameras. I'm always interested to see what will appear each time I download photos after they have spent time taking pictures. These are just four (of many!) that Julia Jo took while we were all together in Sedona. Above: Grandpa White is "posing" stuffed animals for her.........

Above: a lonely little tiger sitting in a king-sized bed.....

Above: Dolly is obedient and smiling....

Above: Grandma White's green toenails. :-)

I love it!.....Julia takes pictures while her Mommy & Daddy do some silly posing for her. :-)

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Practice (above, Julia Jo)....

....makes perfect (Kim)!

JJ, Paul, Kim, J-P....Sedona, AZ

The sun may be bright and warm, but when the air temperature is *cool* for September in Arizona, the act of getting out of the water takes some bravery and quickness in getting to a chaise lounge and covering up with a towel for warmth! (I love you, PJ!) :-)

Julia patiently poses for both grandmas to take photos (of course!). :-)

Julia Jo was very happy as her daddy tossed her in the air over and over again (while both grandpas looked on)...and the smiles on her face will prove it!

Another little Corens "fish," J-P. Notice his smiles in the photos below.

Paul made arrangements for us to travel a short distance to the Rainbow Trout Farm in Sedona so that Julia Jo could fish and, perhaps, catch dinner for all of us. :-)

The drive to the farm was like any other outing in the Sedona area -- spectacular! The red stone, blue sky, and green trees/plants provided amazing sights for our eyes to behold!

Crossing the creek in order to get to the farm.......

The Rainbow Trout Farm, Sedona, AZ

J-P was asleep when we arrived at the fishing place, but......

......he eventually awakened for all the fun!

Julia Jo fishing with guidance and watchful eye of her Papa Corens.

Squealing with delight at having caught her first trout, Julia let her daddy capture it with a net and then put the fish in the water-filled bucket.

Trout on hook about to be snared by net.

Papa Corens shows Jason-Paul a fish close-up. In the end, we left with seven trout, which Kim grilled and served us for dinner that evening :-)
We noticed lots of red bugs congregating on some trees at the fish farm, and learned that they are Box Elder bugs who love Box Elder trees.

Above: a rainbow created by the sun shining on the spray emitting from a fountain in the middle of one of the fishing "lakes."

Looking up from the fish farm at a nearby mountain.

I took this photo from our automobile as we left the fish farm and crossed the river on a wooden, open-sided bridge.

On our way back to the resort from the fishing "expedition," Kim, Julia, Phil and I did a little bit of sightseeing in the Sedona area.

Kim and Julia by a spindly ocotillo bush/plant/tree (??).

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Below are a couple of photos of the magnificent scenery in the Sedona, Arizona area. After those shots are two pictures of the praying mantis that was sitting on the balcony railing our first evening at the resort.

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Girls' time out....pedicures for Mimi Corens, Julia Jo, Kim, and Grandma White....Sedona, AZ

Green in my favorite color! :-)

JJ *loves* playing with Grandpa White's iPhone. When I asked her how she knew how to do all the things she does on it (change pictures, ringtones, screen saver, and much more), her reply was, "It's easy." Okay.............:-)

I found aprons at a shop at San Francisco International Airport, and decided that "the girls" could use them when they cook!