Monday, October 27, 2008

What fun for Phil and me to get together with my sisters and brother for another Kinlaw family gathering! (You'll see them a little farther down.) We met with many Kinlaw cousins over the weekend of October 10-12 in Lumberton, North Carolina, where we were all born. As you know if you've read the "About Me" section on the front page of my blog, our home was on a farm, and in a grove of pecan trees, outside Lumberton on Tarheel Road.

The time spent with my siblings and cousins gives us precious and unrecoverable moments, so we cherish each one of those moments spent together. When I consider the fact that Scripture refers to our lives as "a vapor," I want to spend every meaningful moment possible with my dears sisters and brother, as well as the other people who, just by being themselves, enrich my life and surround me with love and happiness! :-)

Beautiful autumn colors and berries provide a backdrop to the above picture of me taken by my sister, Teecie.

My sweetheart........PJ

Together at dinner, Fullers Barbeque (oh my.......the food was SO delicious!)

And the church where we met. Many Kinlaw family members are buried in the cemetery behind the church (but not our parents or grandparents).
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We all gathered once again at Regan United Methodist Church. My maternal great-grandmother was married to a Regan before marrying my great-grandfather.

My sister, Joyce :-)

My sister, Teecie (Teresa) :-)

My brother, Bob, and his dear friend, Inez

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I was shocked to see how long it's been since I posted anything to Puddins-Pictures! In fact, it was in July, at least three months ago! However, I have good reason: I've spent the last several weeks scanning, scanning, scanning photos that were all taken pre-digital camera days. They include all the photographs Phil and I have in our possession of our childhoods, our families, and all the pictures of our three girls as they were growing up. Suffice it to say I now have about 28,000 photographs on my computers! After the scanning comes the repair/restore/clean-up process on each picture, and that will take me some time to complete; however, it will be worth it to have all these precious memories for any and all family members who want them. I'll be able to just load them onto CD's. :-) Well, onto pictures and commentary.

Phil and I enjoyed a weekend cruise with my sister, Teecie (Teresa) and her husband, Phil (also!) in September. The photo above is of the ship, Sovereign of the Seas. What a fun time we had!

Above: Teecie as we're departing Port Canaveral.

An excursion: To the Atlantis. Phil took the above photo from the top deck of our ship while we were in port.

During our excursion to the Atlantis, we had fun in addition to having lunch.
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One of our lovely dinners on the Bahamas cruise with two of our most favorite people in the whole, wide world......Teecie and Phil!

Two of the three Kinlaw sisters......Myrna and Teecie......during the Bahamas cruise. (Joy, wish you were in the picture!)

Phil and Myrna on Bahamas cruise, September 2008

My beloved PJ.
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Following are some photos I captured in Phoenix during our visit in August. The one above: Ah, Julia Jo! Our little 4-year old lover-of-life and people! A grand example of joie de vivre in a tiny, feminine, Princess-loving package. :-) She loves to swim, and swims excellently.

Ever-ready to smile for Grandma's camera!

A moment of pensiveness after swimming.

Well, someone (Grandpa?) caught a picture of JP (happily) enduring one of Grandma's kisses!
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This post has four photos of Lalo, who is Karma's youngest child. He just turned three years of age. Lalo is full of fun, energy and activity, and always helps out when getting his picture taken by saying "Cheese!" without being asked. :-)

CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! :-)

"I fly through the air with the greatest of ease.........."

....And I LOVE the water.

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During our Phoenix visit where our two younger daughters, Kim and Karma, live with their families, we were thankful to enjoy time with them all. Above is a photo of our oldest granddaughter, Raquel, holding her little cousin, Jason-Paul.

Raquel is a loving and attentive older cousin, and loves playing with the baby of the (entire) family.

Our oldest grandchild, Antonio, is now eleven, and a kind and gentle young man.

Antonio also loves his little cousin, and enjoys every opportunity to hold him. Jason-Paul is fortunate to have cousins who love him so much!

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I LOVE the photo above, and it makes me giggle every time I look at those eyes intensely directed right into my camera lens! Our youngest grandchild, Jason-Paul, was born on Leap Year -- February 29, 2008. I think he is almost a carbon copy of his Grandpa White when he (Grandpa) was a baby. :-) Jason-Paul is a mellow, sweet, adorable child..........just like his grandpa is mellow, sweet and adorable! :-)

Here's Jason-Paul with his mommy, Kimberly, our daughter #2.

Kim and family -- her beloved Paul, Jason-Paul's older and motherly sister, Julia Jo and, of course, Jason-Paul, or JP.

And finally, JP laughing at his mother's antics, off-camera; Julia Jo thinking, "Isn't he silly?" and our dear son-in-law, Paul.

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