Monday, October 30, 2006

Pictures taken during our travels:

Above is a white dove (or pigeon) nestled in the top of a train station chimney. Phil and I were sitting on a train that was stopped at a station someplace in England. I took the photo through my window. Fortunately, the train windows were clean. :-)

Milan, Italy - we were getting ready to go into the building where we would view Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper," but I couldn't resist this picture of a little girl tromping around the plaza in someone's (her mother's?) pumps.

Crocuses in a park in Perth, Scotland.

One of our favorite places to stay, County Hall Marriott is located right on the River Thames, London. The large circular structure is The Eye, adjacent to the Marriott, from which one can see the city. It's a glorified ferris wheel, with glass-like enclosed "bubbles" that will easily accommodate 20 people each.
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While Phil and I were living in Arizona near two of our daughters and their children, one of our outings with Antonio and Raquel, Karma's two older children, was to the Phoenix Zoo. Of course, the first thing at hand was to purchase sunglasses, a "butterfly" sun visor for Raquel, and for Antonio, a toy snake. No self-respecting boy could attend the zoo and not buy a snake! ha

Please note that the sunglasses and visor match -- butterflies abound!

Pausing for (yes, another photo by) Grandma White on the bridge!

I love this picture.....the two little siblings walking hand in hand through the zoo. Maybe we can go back to the zoo with them when they're both teenagers and THEN see if they're holding hands! ha

They are precious children, and we hold these delicate and valuable lives in great esteem. How we pray that they will both grow up knowing how very much they're loved by their family and by God.
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Phoenix Zoo aquarium....

Prairie dog, Phoenix Zoo.......

Warthog sleeping in warm sun, Phoenix Zoo.....

And turtles sunning themselves, Phoenix Zoo.
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Friday, October 27, 2006

My brother, Bob, and his friend, Inez.

Sister Joyce and her husband, Ken.

Teecie and her husband, Phil (also).

My brother, sisters and I at a Kinlaw "reunion" held in North Carolina April 2005.
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I'd like you to know my brothers and sisters.

The gentleman above is my brother, Bob, one of my two older brothers. I took this photograph in June of 2006 during a wonderful Kinlaw family "reunion" held in Kentucky. I don't think there's anything much he'd rather do than be playing golf! :-)

My older sister, Joyce, taken during a fun dinner in Florida about a year ago. Joyce is a loving, loyal sister and friend, with an open heart and ready smile. And does she ever love flowers! :-)

Our brother, Jerry, who died in August of 1997, the night before he would have turned 58 years of age. He was a great brother to all of his siblings. (I must confess that the arm and fingers you can see behind his head belong to me. ha)

And my younger sister, Teecie, taken during a weekend she and I spent in New York City...during a blizzard, much to the great delight of both of us southern girls! :-) Teecie is an outstanding hairdresser, and loves her flowers and her animals (horses, cats, dog).....and, of course, her silver Mazda Miata! :-)

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Ah....Chicago, how we love this town! I guess it has such meaning because Phil and I met as students at Moody Bible Institute back in the early 1960's; therefore, it's always been a very special city to us.'s just a great town! "My kind of town, Chicago is," Frank Sinatra sang. We agree with that....I guess that's obvious since we made the decision to move back here from Arizona. :-)

We're just thankful to be back in the area. We actually live about an hour+ northwest of Chicago, but at least we don't have to fly in on an airplane to get to this fabulous city!

I took the above picture from a side street on the north side of the city...the dark-colored building is the John Hancock Center, now "the" trademark building of the city.

Phil graduated in 1970 from Roosevelt University, located on Michigan Avenue. In front of the school and across the avenue is this beautiful, huge statue of an Indian chief (sorry, I don't know which one) on his horse.

Navy Pier - and a "tree" of impatiens plants during the summer months.

The water shooting up is from Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park.
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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well, after a good weekend at home in Illinois, Phil and I are back in San Francisco at the Marriott right on the bay across from the airport runway.

I took the above photo yesterday....a boater in the area of water between the hotel and runway.

You will recall that the in-and-out activity of the tide flows fascinates me. Obviously (I think), in the above picture the tide is out. This picture is the same as the one above....just with "out" tide instead of "in" tide. :-)

Oh, the sunrises we're treated to every 24 hours!!

It's interesting to note that the spear of light eminating from the rising sun comes toward us over the rippling water, but stops at the point where the water is still and smooth. I need a Physics professor (or anyone who knows why) to explain to me why that is!
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In the lower center of the photo above, there are sea gulls feeding over a school of fish.

Morning skies, San Francisco.

Sky trails yesterday........

.....and before sunrise this morning.
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If you've looked at the volume of pictures I've shared on my blog or my website, you know that I love it when I can capture animals or birds.

The above photo I took last winter in Huntley, IL, where we live. The Canadian geese were sitting in the snow-covered field of cut corn stalks. I asked Phil to stop, and I was able to get this shot from the car.

Another shot from the car....this time on a "back" road in California north of San Francisco, a deer up on a ridge right by the side of the road.

Seals at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

Kim and Paul's cat, Tater. He looks like he is posing for me, doesn't he?
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I thought you might enjoy seeing our three daughters, Aimee, Kimberly, and Karma. The above picture was taken circa 1979.

At our townhome in Warrenville, IL, 2000.

At Kim's baby shower at our home in Gilbert, Arizona, 2004.

December, 2004.
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