Friday, October 27, 2006

I'd like you to know my brothers and sisters.

The gentleman above is my brother, Bob, one of my two older brothers. I took this photograph in June of 2006 during a wonderful Kinlaw family "reunion" held in Kentucky. I don't think there's anything much he'd rather do than be playing golf! :-)

My older sister, Joyce, taken during a fun dinner in Florida about a year ago. Joyce is a loving, loyal sister and friend, with an open heart and ready smile. And does she ever love flowers! :-)

Our brother, Jerry, who died in August of 1997, the night before he would have turned 58 years of age. He was a great brother to all of his siblings. (I must confess that the arm and fingers you can see behind his head belong to me. ha)

And my younger sister, Teecie, taken during a weekend she and I spent in New York City...during a blizzard, much to the great delight of both of us southern girls! :-) Teecie is an outstanding hairdresser, and loves her flowers and her animals (horses, cats, dog).....and, of course, her silver Mazda Miata! :-)

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