Friday, October 27, 2006

Ah....Chicago, how we love this town! I guess it has such meaning because Phil and I met as students at Moody Bible Institute back in the early 1960's; therefore, it's always been a very special city to us.'s just a great town! "My kind of town, Chicago is," Frank Sinatra sang. We agree with that....I guess that's obvious since we made the decision to move back here from Arizona. :-)

We're just thankful to be back in the area. We actually live about an hour+ northwest of Chicago, but at least we don't have to fly in on an airplane to get to this fabulous city!

I took the above picture from a side street on the north side of the city...the dark-colored building is the John Hancock Center, now "the" trademark building of the city.

Phil graduated in 1970 from Roosevelt University, located on Michigan Avenue. In front of the school and across the avenue is this beautiful, huge statue of an Indian chief (sorry, I don't know which one) on his horse.

Navy Pier - and a "tree" of impatiens plants during the summer months.

The water shooting up is from Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park.
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