Sunday, June 25, 2006

Memories of living in Arizona? Cow pens and dust storms! :-)

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I remember when I was young......I just didn't "get it" when Mother would stop and oohh and aahh over flowers! Well, I'm afraid that my sisters and I have all become our mother in that respect...we love flowers. Sometime, I'll post some of my younger sister's flowers here. She has a yard filled with the fruit of her green thumb! :-)

The picture above and the three that follow are pictures I took when we lived in Arizona. Even though one thinks "cactus" when Arizona comes to mind, there are lots and lots of beautiful flowers, also.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

In March of 2003, we took some very good friends on a trip to England, Scotland, and Ireland. While in England, we visited Windsor Castle. Above is a picture of Phil and Galen in front of the Castle.

Here are Myrna, Jeannette and Quenn Victoria at the entrance to Windsor Castle! :-)

The inner court of Windsor Castle. Even the queen has to have her lawn mowed. :-) (Can you see the workman in the center of the picture doing the mowing?)

And the lonely, yet ever faithful, guardsman.
Windsor Castle, March 2003
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The tide rolls in....

....the tide rolls out.........

....and the planes come and go. :-)
San Francisco, CA, runway viewed from our Marriott Hotel room
June, 2006
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Another picture taken in Hall of Statues, the Capitol Building
Washington, DC - July 2005

Inside cavernous Union Station (train station), Washington, DC
July, 2005

One of the meeting rooms for senators
Capitol Building, Washington, DC
July, 2005

Abraham Lincoln - portrait made of pieces of tile
Capitol Building, Washington, DC
July, 2005
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Hanging flower baskets
Washington, DC area - July 2005

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Phil's first cousin and his family live in the Washington, DC, area. Some of his children belong to the Capitol Police force, and they arranged to take Phil and me on a personal tour inside the Capitol building when we visited them last July 4th and 5th, 2005! What an educational treat and special peek inside this historic building!

I took this picture after Phil and I left the building and had walked down those stairs. I have NO idea who those men in the picture are! ha

The fascinating, awe-inspiring Hall of Statues, Capitol Building, Washington, DC.
July, 2005

One of the beautiful hallways of the Capitol Building, Washington, DC. July, 2005

Looking up at the inside of the dome of the Capitol Building, Washington, DC. July, 2005
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

These are photos taken while riding the train from Stranraer to
Edinburgh, Scotland - March 2003.

Stone fences cut through fields, creating a patchwork effect.
(Taken from train headed to Edinburgh, Scotland - March 2003)

Sheep, sheep, and more sheep. Oh, how we loved it when we saw lambs playing about in the pastures and/or fields! (Scotland, 2003)

Myrna LOVES to ride the train! (Scotland, 2003)
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If you love Disney World, you'll recognize Space Mountain in the center.
March, 2006

Glory of light!

Ceiling of Rainforest Cafe, Disney World, Orlando - March 2006

I'm playing in the traffic again! Actually, Phil is driving while I take pictures of car tail lights. :-)
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SO much can be captured when you're playing with a digital camera!

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Sunset at the Magic Kingdom, Orlando, March 2006, from our hotel room.

Phoenix, AZ sunset

Afternoon clouds - Phoenix

Sunrise view from hotel room in Belfast, Ireland, March 2003
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