Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 15, 2006

When Phil began his engagement in South San Francisco the middle of March this year, we found an Albertson's where we could grocery shop not far from the hotel where we stayed at that time. Across the street from Albertson's was the National Cemetery in which some of our country's bravest and finest are buried.

One day we decided to drive through the cemetery, and were amazed at the vastness of the place, as well as the number of perfectly aligned white grave markers. The contrast of stark white markers and the green grass and trees is dramatic, especially when you see the markers stretch on for acres and acres.

I took several pictures as we drove through the cemetery. In one of the photos you can see open spaces where there are no grave markers. It's our understanding that these locations are reserved for the spouses of the deceased men and women of the military already buried here.

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PJ said...

Great beginning. I am very impressed!