Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Phil and I left SFO (San Francisco International Airport) November 5th, headed for Phoenix so that we could spend a couple of days with our kids there. I took the above photo after our plane took off to the west, then circled around into a southeastly direction toward Arizona. If you'll look closely, you'll see that I've notated the location of the Marriott where we "live" the majority of the time. It sits right at the water's edge, overlooking the SFO runways. Our two-room suite is situated on the front of the building, so I'm able to watch planes land and take off all hours of the day and night.

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I see lots from my seats on airplanes, but this was a first. "Encased" in the plane window by my seat (I would assume during the time the aircraft was being manufactured), between plates of very special window material, is some sort of bug! Below is a close-up. :-)

In the South San Francisco area, some sort of chemicals create different colors of water.

After our arrival in Phoenix, it was great fun to attend a tag football game the next day in which our oldest grandchild, Antonio (now age 13), participated. He is #12 and, by the way, his team would go on to win the season, *undefeated.* It was quite warm that particular day Phil and I were there. Karma even thought it was hot; with just a tad of exaggeration, she said that it was 724°! (But it was "dry heat!" ha)

Antonio is walking to the sideline where Grandpa White is standing and watching with great pride.

As you know, I love letting my grandchildren use my cameras to take pictures. Sometimes, the photos look like they were taken by children, but others are often quite good. Lalo asked if he could take my "little" camera (Olympus S350) and take a picture of Antonio, and I agreed. I took the above photo (with my Nikon D80) as Lalo walked over to where Antonio and his team were gathered on the sideline.

Above and below: Photos taken by Lalo of his big brother, Antonio. I especially love the lower one showing weary Antonio, re-hydrating with water, after the football game was over.

The sweet little photographer, back near his mommy and me, concentrating as he takes a *close* look at the pictures he had taken of Antonio.

More photos taken by a grandchild....this time, by Julia Jo during our dinner Saturday evening at the Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix.

A lovely stained glass window; ceiling light fixture; Antonio's dinner plate (and he said the food was delicious); and a card (among the dishes) made for Grandpa (note the guitar) by Raquel. :-)

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Four more photos (definitely unposed) by Julia Jo....and all worth a good laugh.

Karma and Antonio with weird eyes; Grandma's eyes; Grandpa's eyes; Kim, J-P and Paul in various stages of eating. :-)

Well, Grandma finally got HER hands on one of the cameras and took some pix! ha Lalo above and below with a birthday gift from his uncle and aunt, Paul and Kim.

I *love* the photo above of the two little cousins who are about 1.5 years apart in age.

Granddaughter, Julia Jo, with her beautiful smile for Grandma's camera. :-)

The walkway that connects Concourses B & C at Terminal One, O'Hare Airport, Chicago. Phil and I traverse this area, either going or coming, every week. This time we were "going," and would be flying to Orlando for our time with family over Thanksgiving.

Just before going down the escalator in Concourse B to make our way to Concourse C, we saw the United aircraft that now serves as Oprah Winfrey's "Farewell Season" airplane.

Two photos of the view from our timeshare condo at Cypress Harbour, where we stayed for the week while in Florida for Thanksgiving.
We've had a timeshare week at CH since the facility first opened.

This year, Thanksgiving was celebrated by us Kinlaw "Kids" in Florida where Teecie hosted us all and served a delicious meal! We feel so blessed that Bob, Joyce, Teecie and I love being together, and we do everything we can to make certain we are together for Thanksgiving.

One November 21, Phil and I attended the Sunday morning church service with Joyce and Teecie at their church, First Baptist of Mt. Dora, FL. Teecie sings in the choir. The above photo of Teecie (the blond smiling at me) was taken with my little Kodak video camera, so the quality is not what I would like. At least it shows Teecie with the other choir members and in her choir robe! :-)

Meet Feathers, Teecie and Phil's (HER Phil) newest sweet girl. :-)

One of the Kinlaw Girls, wearing the flower and special scarf given her by one of the other Kinlaw girls (Joyce). :-)

Uncle Phil and our darling Christopher (Teecie's son). :-)

I love these pix of Feathers with her paw on Phil's tummy, as if to say, "I *own* this man!" :-)

Teecie & her country-style home! What more need I say? LOVE being there. :-)

I baked 8 pies for Thanksgiving and, if I say so myself, they were delicious! Pumpkin, apple and pecan.

Joy and Ken

Brother Bob

Inez and Myrna


Joyce with her sons, Bart & John Phillips

Everybody in attendance for Thanksgiving at Teecie's, 2010

The Kinlaw Girls, Thanksgiving, 2010

Teecie, Joyce, Bob and Myrna
Thanksgiving, 2010