Monday, July 10, 2006

Phil and all the kids July 3rd prior to going out to eat. Later we saw fireworks in celebration of July 4th.

Our granddaughter took a picture of Grandma with the digital camera in the dimly lit restaurant. Looks like I have a case of "the nerves," huh?

Phil captured this beautiful shot during the July 4th fireworks we enjoyed!

Picture taken by Grandpa so that Grandma could get in a group picture, also.
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It's July 10th.........I haven't added anything since the end of June. Phil and I attended a Kinlaw family reunion the last two days of June in Wilmore, KY. We flew from Kentucky to Phoenix, where we spent a week with two of our daughters and our grandchildren at a timeshare resort in the greater Phoenix area.

I took the above picture one afternoon while we were at the timeshare. Incidentally, I have many beautiful sky shots that I took during the four years we lived in Arizona.

This is the view adjacent to the resort where we stayed. The mountain is covered with cacti (is that plural for cactus??), and it appears that homes are built right into the side of the mountain.

The front of the resort where we stayed in Cave Creek, AZ, is very typical "southwestern" landscaping design with all sorts of cacti (there's that word again), and an assortment of prickly plants with pointy things that really hurt human skin! ha

Our four adorable grandchildren, aged six, two, nine, and nine months. The three older children love swimming, so most of the time was spent in the pool.
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