Saturday, September 22, 2007

I love Autumn! I thought I'd share again some photos I took a year ago when we spent a long weekend in New England. There are six photos in total.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I thought you would enjoy pictures of these beautiful flowers sent to me by my sister, Teecie, day before yesterday.

I've sorta been out of commission since the middle of August. I injured my right knee August 15th; on September 13th, I twisted it again, causing a lot of immediate pain. Fortunately, after x-rays, an MRI, and visits to orthopedic specialists, I know that I didn't tear any cartilage or ligaments, which was our greatest concern! My arthritic kneecap evidently slid off, and then back onto, my knee joint 9/13, which led to bruising and swelling of tissues which, in turn, caused all that pain.

I have had the BEST nurse in the whole world attending me -- Phil!! He has been working from home while at the same time taking care of me and my needs.

I'm doing better daily, and am scheduled for physical therapy for four weeks. This has definitely interfered with my/our life style (!) because it has prohibited our normal travels, but we're just really grateful that I didn't do damage that would demand surgery in order to get better!! Time, care and PT should do it.

Thank you to all of you who have thought of me and prayed for my blessed right knee. :-)


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Something so unusual here in San Francisco is a scene like this one, with lots of clouds, that unfolded Tuesday morning as the sun rose. And the clouds stayed for a good long while as witnessed by the fourth picture, taken later on in the morning (but no longer with peaches and pinks).

All in a day - yesterday, September 5th
Clouds hung low in the morning.....

...and lifted later on. Two planes on approach, flying side by side, about to land on parallel runways at San Francisco Airport.

Later in the afternoon, the water was still like glass.

Flocks of pelicans often fly in formation over the water and the landing strip!

Another fabulous sunrise sequence this morning, September 6th. The haziness and the brilliant color are as a result of smoke from the fires occurring in northern California.