Monday, April 09, 2007

You may recall that Phil and I are in New Jersey where Phil is putting in a five-week stint at Pfizer.
We decided to travel to Maryland this past Friday, April 6th, and spend the weekend with Phil's first cousin and his wonderful, large, loving family! (I would love to post pictures of them all, but feel I must not for their privacy's sake.)
The above photo is of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. The next two photos were taken in a tunnel -- and the "white" light on the right side of both pictures is obviously daylight at the end of the tunnel. (You do recall, don't you, that I love to see what my digital camera will produce if I move my hand while taking the picture!?) :-)

After arriving at our cousin's home in Maryland outside Washington, DC, we were treated to a fabulous meal at a restaurant located right on the water in the area. It was such a lovely evening....I just had to take some pictures like the one above and the three that follow. (I love trying out the capabilities of my camera, such as the close-up in the fourth photo.)

Jefferson Memorial at night
Washington, DC

When did you last see a picture of cherry blossoms, taken at night? ha I'm glad I took this, because the very next day after snow and lots of wind, the blossoms were gone!

Washington Monument at night

Washington, DC

What a shock to look outside Saturday morning, April 7th, and see the ground completely covered with snow! This photo was taken from the back window of our cousin's home in Maryland. You'll have to imagine the lovely green yard that's lying underneath the white snow.

Some sights in Washington, DC, on a very cold, blustery day-before-Easter.
The Washington Monument...

...The WW II Memorial.....

...tribute to fallen heroes at The WW II Memorial....

...and from the sublime to the ridiculous: a street sign downtown Washington, DC! (I've never seen one of these gridlock signs, so it sorta fascinated me!)
As we were riding in the car through the beautiful Maryland countryside on Saturday afternoon, we rounded a corner where a horse was standing by a fence as though waiting for us. My cousin willingly stopped the car so that I could take this shot.

Phil went out for a brief (and cold!!) walk after we returned to our cousin's home (after getting the horse picture) in order to take a few pictures with my camera. (His is at home.) He captured this gorgeous forsythia bush in full bloom. He also took the two pictures that follow, and I think they're beautiful! (I love the last one of the barn "lean-to," fence, and flowering tree.) Thanks, PJ!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's such a joy to look through the many pictures I've taken in the past. They bring back lots of fabulous memories of trips to special places and time spent with my beloved, Phil....such as our trip to Sydney, Australia in December of 2005.
I was raised in Florida, and was aware of Australian Pines during my years living there. So, it was fun to see an actual, REAL Australian Pine up close! :-)

While on an outing into the Blue Mountains of Australia, I was intrigued by this bird that appeared to have no fear whatsoever of all us humans!

Such pretty flowers, Blue Mountains of Australia

Bottlebrush, Blue Mountains, Australia

Phil and I spent a long time looking at all the underwater creatures at the Sydney Aquarium. I hate to be harsh, but the fish above has a face that only a mother could love!

A Lionfish with exquisite fins...



And an Angelfish? (not certain...but it's so pretty)

Since Sydney is right on the water, one sees all sorts of boats. During an outing in the Sydney Harbor, I took photos of just some of those Phil and I saw, like......

.....this water taxi.... boat with sea gulls "accompanying" it...

....The Spirit of Tasmania, and...

...this cute little yellow water taxi.