Friday, December 12, 2008

It would appear from these four photos that my love of "playing" with my camera to get strange effects has been inherited by my little granddaughter, JJ. :-)

The above photo: JJ's cousin, Lalo, having a tangerine but looking really strange in the process.

Above: Grandpa White appears that he's aflame!

Above: JJ's mom, Kim, smiling and being accommodating to JJ's photography "session."

A self-portrait by JJ with tongue-sticking-out, while she's attempting to look scary! The "extra" eyes, nose and teeth truly ARE scary. ha
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving in Nashville! What fun to get together with my sisters (Joyce & Teecie), my brother (Bob), our daughter (Kim), grandchildren (siblings JJ & JP), inlaws and new friends. We gathered at Gaylord Links for their Thanksgiving buffet. (Gaylord Links is a golf course where Bob enjoys playing golf.) Above is a photo of everyone but Phil, who took the picture. Thanks, PJ!

REMEMBER: Click on each photo to enlarge for better viewing.

Phil and Myrna, Nashville, Thanksgiving 2008

My beloved sisters, Teecie and Joyce, with me

Precious little JJ, ready to drive the Christmas-ribboned golf cart at Gaylord Links, where we had Thanksgiving dinner
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Our Kim's baby boy, JP, is even the table and tablecloth were fair game...that is, when he wasn't eating prunes for his Thanksgiving dinner! :-)

JP *loves* to hang upside down!

Our Kim and her little JP, Thanksgiving dinner 2008
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Paul, Kim's husband, Thanksgiving 2008

Kim, Thanksgiving 2008

Teecie's son, Christopher, Thanksgiving 2008

JJ by an ornament tree, Thanksgiving 2008

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Teecie, Phil, and Christopher Thanksgiving 2008

My brother, Bob, and Inez Thanksgiving 2008

(Sister) Joyce and her husband, Ken

Phil and Myrna, Thanksgiving 2008
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JJ "driving" Uncle Bob (who is right at home on a golf cart!)

Myrna with brother Bob and nephew Bobby. It was wonderful to have Bobby with us this year, and we surely appreciated Bob's efforts in arranging our special dinner at Gaylord Links.

Above and below: Joyce, Teecie and Bob with me Thanksgiving 2008

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Thanksgiving evening, most of us attended ICE at Opryland. Phil and I had seen this presentation of ice sculptures several years ago in Orlando, so we were excited to see this year's display. Above and below, the nativity scene.

A shepherd with sheep - ice sculpture

Huge angel - ice sculpture
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One of the passageways at the ICE presentation had these colorful lighted ornaments creating a tunnel effect. Using the flash on the camera took away from the "ambience." Sorry! :-) JJ, Teecie and Kim in the photo above. Parkas are provided, and they hardly did the job of keeping us warm in the 5-degree coldness (necessary, of course, to keep the sculptures frozen solid)!

JJ, sliding down the ice slide

A solid ice Christmas tree.....

....and Christmas wreath.
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Phil, Kim, JP, JJ and "Grandma" ready to go into the ICE show, Nashville, Thanksgiving evening 2008

Teecie, I hope your lips don't get stuck on that frozen creature!! And Phil looks like he's saying "We're going to WHO-VILLE!" ha

Kim with her little front-loaded papoose, JP, who is nine months, and JJ, 4 years
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Friday, Nov 28th, was my birthday. We went to PF Chang's in Nashville for my birthday dinner. Above, "Aunt Joy Joy" and JJ are sharing a secret, it appears. :-)

It was wonderful to have Kim and her family with us for Thanksgiving AND my birthday. :-)

JP practicing standing by holding onto a warrior statue at PF Chang's

Beautiful birthday roses for Grandma from JJ and JP
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Helping me celebrate my birthday....Teecie :-)

Christopher :-)

Paul and JP :-)

Ken and Joyce :-)
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