Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well, here I am again....finally. The time has slipped away so quickly since my last post here, but I've taken the time today (January 24, 2010) to post some photos that I think you might enjoy seeing. They offer a few glimpses of what has been on our least up through my birthday, 2009.

We flew from Chicago to Phoenix November 18, 2009, in order to spend a few days at a timeshare in northeastern Arizona (in the White Mountains) prior to Thanksgiving. Kim, Julia and Jason-Paul, as well as Karma, Antonio, Raquel and Lalo joined us for the days we spent in Pinetop, AZ, not far from Show Low.

The photo above and the three below are just scenery we enjoyed during our drive.

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It was cold in Pinetop, but that didn't stop Phil and all the children (big and little) from enjoying miniature golf. Here are three of JP doing his "thing" on the golf course...and one of PJ doing his. :-)

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Phil and I went prepared for our technically savvy little ones....three laptops and a Netbook. Lalo and Julia Jo were able to use the Netbook for games at child-appropriate websites chosen by their mothers. Lalo is *very* serious about what he's doing! :-)

Phil and I were absolutely amazed that Raquel (who turned 10 on December 21st) created, on her own, a PowerPoint presentation about each of us!! We had no idea that she had that knowledge! :-)

JP, running ahead of his mom to the miniature golf course again.

I could not figure out how Antonio could handle that cold with no jacket, etc! By the way, he will be a teenager in May of this year.
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Our roomy cabin at Pinetop with Kim's car, our rental car, and Karma's Durango all parked in front.

Pinetop resort

Main office and reception building

Miniature golf course
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We left Pinetop on Wednesday, November 25th, and drove back to Phoenix/Tempe, where all of us from out of town who were arriving for Thanksgiving would stay for three days. (My) sisters, Teecie and Joyce, as well as Teecie's son, Christopher, all flew in from Florida. (My) brother, Bob, and his lovely friend, Inez, flew in from Nashville. A very special additon to our wonderful family time were Bob and Evelyn Corens (our son-in-law, Paul's parents) from Minnesota, as well as (brother) Bob's grandson, Jason Kinlaw, and granddaughter, Marla Kinlaw, their mother, Michelle, and Marla's toddler, Gabriel....all from the Los Angeles area.

Above photo and the two that follow: Teecie (hairdresser in Florida) sets up "shop" outside our hotel rooms and trims Karma's long hair (while Joyce looks on and Lalo dances). :-)

Teecie beside the lovely Christmas tree in the lobby of The Buttes by Marriott, Tempe, AZ, where we all stayed.
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Lobby, The Buttes. In the background, you can see that behind the front desk is the actual mountain on which the hotel is located.

Approaching the lobby of The Buttes, Tempe, AZ.

All of us girls had an outing for manicures/pedicures.

Green is my favorite color! :-)
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What a joy it was for us to all gather at Kim and Paul's loft condo downtown Phoenix where Kim prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal for all of us! (Phil and Bob [Paul's father] are in the kitchen doing dishes while the rest of us relax after the meal.) :-)

Michelle, "Aunt" Joyce, Jason

Teecie, John (Christopher's friend), Jason-Paul (Kim's toddler), and Christopher

Inez and Bob
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Everybody has a camera nowadays! ha

Antonio "in" the couch instead of "on" it (with a camera in his hands?)??

The Kinlaw siblings (Teecie, Joyce, Bob and Myrna) with Jason, Bob's grandson

Bless their hearts! They're *still* washing dishes! (Phil and Bob Corens)
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Mother referred to us as her "darlings"...Myrna, Teecie, Joyce :-)

Beautiful balloon "bouquet"....a gift to me for my birthday (11/28) from nephew, Christopher.

For my birthday, we all went to Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa, AZ, on Friday evening, 11/27. Very special...and fun place. The organist was Charley Balog, who plays that magnificent theater organ.

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After pizza, we were able to capture some photos. Above: Kim and Paul Corens, Julia Jo and Jason-Paul.

Karma PiƱa and her children: Lalo, Raquel, and Antonio

Bob Kinlaw, and lady friend, Inez

John, Teecie, and Christopher
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