Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This year, Thanksgiving was celebrated by us Kinlaw "Kids" in Florida where Teecie hosted us all and served a delicious meal! We feel so blessed that Bob, Joyce, Teecie and I love being together, and we do everything we can to make certain we are together for Thanksgiving.

One November 21, Phil and I attended the Sunday morning church service with Joyce and Teecie at their church, First Baptist of Mt. Dora, FL. Teecie sings in the choir. The above photo of Teecie (the blond smiling at me) was taken with my little Kodak video camera, so the quality is not what I would like. At least it shows Teecie with the other choir members and in her choir robe! :-)

Meet Feathers, Teecie and Phil's (HER Phil) newest sweet girl. :-)

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