Sunday, June 18, 2006

Phil watching planes :-)

Today was Father's Day, and a good day for Phil. He was able to sleep in, and although he's had some work to do for his engagement at Genentech, it's been a wonderful and relaxing day actually.

Late morning, we ordered Eggs Benedict from room service, which is one of our favorite treats on Sunday mornings when we're in a hotel. We enjoyed the food (it was especially good here at the Marriott San Francisco Airport) while watching Meet the Press.

Later in the afternoon after Phil had put in a few more hours of work and I did some reading, we got out and went for a walk along the paved walking trail that runs along the bay in front of the Marriott. It's hard to walk and watch planes at the same time! ha There aren't a lot of people at one time, but those that we do encounter have either cameras or binoculars in order to capture or watch the planes landing or taking off.

Here are three more photos that I took while out on our walk this afternoon.


Marriott on the bay

Birds out "fishing" :-)
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