Monday, June 19, 2006

These four photos are from those I took when Phil and I visited a marvelous presentation called "Ice" when it was showing in Orlando, Florida, the end of November, 2003. This presentation of ice sculptures was set up in a very large venue, with special and colorful lighting accentuating and complimenting each sculpture, or sculptures within a theme.

Heavy parkas were provided for all visitors, because the venue was very cold -- freezing -- obviously. Phil and I wished we had brought winter gloves and earmuffs with us, because it was just like being outside in freezing just wasn't windy. :-)

It was strange to shed the parkas and leave the show, only to walk back out into Florida's warmth and sunshine! It was a wonderful and memorable experience.

Remember: everything is sculpted from ice! Look at the fence and lighthouse.

Gabriel? Michael, the Archangel? :-)

The complete manger scene, including babe in manger, Mary, Joseph, animals, Kings et al.
An awesome experience!
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