Saturday, June 17, 2006

As you know, Phil is presently working on an IBM consulting engagement in South San Francisco at Genentech (a biotech firm), and we stay at the Marriott San Francisco Airport Hotel. I'm in the room during the day while Phil is at work.

The hotel is doing a good bit of renovation, including a new roof on the entire building. I've watched with interest from our hotel window as the workmen have been doing their jobs on a lower portion of hotel roofing.

This past Thursday, June 15th, their work became much more personal when they spent the entire day working on the roof right above our room! Their pounding went on all day long, and I reached a point where I put ear plugs in my ears while I read and worked at the computer. That really didn't help much, though. ha

Later on, I decided to call the "At Your Service" line, just to ask how long the roof repair work was expected to go on. I was told that it could be another two weeks. I called Phil and expressed my concern to him, since we were booked in our room until Tuesday, June 27th! When Phil arrived "home" from the office, he did a bit of looking around, and spoke with one of the repairmen and a security guard about our concerns. We then spent a little while discussing whether or not we wanted to gather up all our belongings (we had totally unpacked everything!) and ask to be moved to a different floor.

In a very short while, we received a courtesy call from one of the men at the front desk, telling us that because of the "inconvenience" the roof repair noise had been to me that day, the hotel would like to move us to a lower floor and a larger room. Well, the "larger room" ended up being the Presidential Suite! The suite is two rooms - our regular room which is plenty spacious attached to a huge living area with couch, chairs, wide screen television, large dining table, and another full bathroom! These are pictures of just the living area.
What blessings we continually enjoy, and we thank God daily for them!

Early morning view from the hotel window.

What fun to ride a famed cable car to Fisherman's Wharf or Ghirardelli Square! That's my favorite person in the entire world standing on the "running board" before getting off "our" car. Posted by Picasa

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