Monday, October 30, 2006

While Phil and I were living in Arizona near two of our daughters and their children, one of our outings with Antonio and Raquel, Karma's two older children, was to the Phoenix Zoo. Of course, the first thing at hand was to purchase sunglasses, a "butterfly" sun visor for Raquel, and for Antonio, a toy snake. No self-respecting boy could attend the zoo and not buy a snake! ha

Please note that the sunglasses and visor match -- butterflies abound!

Pausing for (yes, another photo by) Grandma White on the bridge!

I love this picture.....the two little siblings walking hand in hand through the zoo. Maybe we can go back to the zoo with them when they're both teenagers and THEN see if they're holding hands! ha

They are precious children, and we hold these delicate and valuable lives in great esteem. How we pray that they will both grow up knowing how very much they're loved by their family and by God.
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