Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well, after a good weekend at home in Illinois, Phil and I are back in San Francisco at the Marriott right on the bay across from the airport runway.

I took the above photo yesterday....a boater in the area of water between the hotel and runway.

You will recall that the in-and-out activity of the tide flows fascinates me. Obviously (I think), in the above picture the tide is out. This picture is the same as the one above....just with "out" tide instead of "in" tide. :-)

Oh, the sunrises we're treated to every 24 hours!!

It's interesting to note that the spear of light eminating from the rising sun comes toward us over the rippling water, but stops at the point where the water is still and smooth. I need a Physics professor (or anyone who knows why) to explain to me why that is!
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John & Cheryl Fornelli said...

Such beautiful pictures of the sun over the water, Myrna.
I never noticed that the "spear" stops where the water is still.
We are blocks away from the beach in Nicaragua, but it is so littered with garbage that I haven't taken my camera there yet and, since John was mugged there the other day I'm leary of bringing anything of value.
But, it's still God's creation and the same water and sun, ain't it?