Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebrating birthdays is always a special event...but celebrating the 13th birthday of any child is very special! Our oldest grandchild, Antonio (a toddler in the photo above), turned 13 on May 6th of this year, and we enjoyed being with him and his family for a couple days this past weekend in order to share in this milestone.

I just have to share some photos of Antonio "along the way," as I find it difficult to believe that so many years have passed since our beloved 'Tonio' was born!

Look at those beautiful curls in the photo above! I could hardly stand it when they were cut away, and he moved to little-boyhood. But, this must happen....:-)

By the age of three, Tonio already knew how to boot the computer and use it (and the mouse) in the playing of his little learning games. (As you can tell by his expression, he didn't REALLY want to have Grandma take his picture AGAIN!!) :-)

During the four years that Phil and I lived in Arizona, we loved having Antonio and Raquel, his younger sister, come and swim in our pool (and do flips off the side into the water!) They were the only two grandchildren at the time this photo was taken.

Tonio and his younger sister, Raquel. They love the water, which makes this grandma very happy!

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