Friday, August 25, 2006

It's 11:06 PM, Chicago time. We flew home from San Francisco this afternoon, and anticipate a nice weekend at home.

I was looking through (the myriads of) pictures on my computer, and as usual, my eyes were drawn to some shots that are full of light and life.

You can probably tell that the picture above is a sparkler. We were with some dear friends in northern Minnesota July 4, 2004, and played with sparklers that evening in the back yard.

Our friend also built a bonfire. A close-up of the intense fire....scary yet beautiful.

We were riding in a taxi in Hong Kong, and I just couldn't resist taking pictures so that I could see later what I captured. I love this stuff! ha

Our first trip to Venice, Italy, we stayed at the Hotel Christmastime. The above picture is the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.
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