Monday, August 21, 2006

There's always a sense of anticipation when we open the drapes each morning here at the Marriott Hotel near the San Francisco Airport, as we view the water and skies.

One morning last week, I opened the drapes just in time to capture the sun rising over the water, and to see a plane taking off to the north (the little spot in the left-hand side of the picture) and its silver linear "shadow" in the water.

More pictures taken immediately......the one above of the sun rising....

....a plane approaching the landing strip....

.....and right after the plane crossed the sun's "track." This may not move you at all, but I find exquisite beauty in sights such as these, and a sense of awe overcomes my soul. How grateful I am for my digital camera that enables me to grab these pictures, download them to my computer, and view them onscreen immediately!
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