Wednesday, August 09, 2006

There are so many wonderful places to sightsee in our great United States, and one that we thoroughly enjoyed visiting was Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Our friends, Dave & Karen Shaffer from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, owned a cabin in that area, and back in October of 2004, we took them up on their suggestion that we spend a week in Pigeon Forge and stay in their beautifully decorated cabin. (By the way, Dave provided me with Excel files that contain the graphics of all my solo albums as well as the Just Four albums, enabling me to print the covers and inserts for all those albums and, therefore, create CDs! Thanks to Dave, I'm able to do every step in the creation of a CD right from my HP Media Center computer! (That is, everything but shrink wrap. ha) What a blessing Dave and Karen have been to us!

Back to Pigeon Forge. :-) My sister, Teecie (Teresa) drove up from Florida all by herself in her silver Miata (mine is Montego Blue - smile) and joined us for several days, and our first cousin, a former Virginia police chief, and his wife also came to share the time and cabin with us. We had a fabulous several days together!! It was such fun to not only enjoy eating, looking, and buying at Dollywood, but we also made a couple of trips to Gatlinburg for our dining pleasure, as well as a trip via gondola up the side of the mountain there. What a memorable trip.

As you can tell by the photographs, we went in the Fall --- October, to be exact. The colors and the weather were perfect! The above photo is of a horse created from woven grapevines! The crafts of the people in Tenneessee are showcased throughout Dollywood, and the southern food served there is, for a southerner, to die for! ha

My beloved, Phil, holding up corn stalks! ha

'Tis moi........surrounded by punkins and wrapped in a Scottish tartan.

Look at the gorgeous white hair that we Kinlaws are known for! That's Teecie (she's younger than I but her wonderful hair is totally white!) on the left, I'm on the right, and in the middle is our favorite first cousin, Grady, with that beautiful white hair also.

Isn't that the most grand cornucopia you've ever seen?
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