Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Today is Tuesday, August 8th. It's been almost a month since I spent time here adding words and pictures. My last entry was made July 10th, right after we returned to our home in Illinois from Arizona where we had spent a vacation week at a timeshare with two of our daughters and our four grandchildren.

With Arizona in mind, I have added four more pictures today that I took during the four years we lived in that fine (and hot) state. I took the above photo of the Meteor Crater while flying from Phoenix to Denver. (That was when Phil was working on an engagement at Medtronic in the Minneapolis area, and when flying between Phoenix and Minneapolis, we had to fly through either Denver or Chicago.)

I always loved flying the Denver route, because if I was seated on the left side of the plane (and in a window seat), I could always see the Meteor Crater. Fortunately, I happened to have my camera handy one day when the skies were clear and I could get photos looking out the plane window. :-)

Ah.....the Grand Canyon! I was able to get this shot about two minutes before a snowstorm advanced upon the canyon, obscuring this view!

Sedona, Arizona, and the drive to Sedona is breathtaking! What more can I say?

I captured this picture just before sunrise in Phoenix.
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