Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, this is the only picture of Tim Mayfield that I could find. (That's me on the left, and his sister, Marcia Twadell, on the right. This photo was taken on the set of Day of Discovery when we were all part of the program and The Discovery Singers.)

We want to say congratulations to Tim and his wife, Teddy, on the birth of their first grandchild this past weekend.....a tiny baby girl.

The above picture is my younger sister, Teecie, and her husband, Phil. (Yes, we have Phil 1 & Phil 2....both much more well-behaved than Thing 1 and Thing 2! ha)

I'm sharing this so that I can publicly express our gratefulness to God for protecting Phil from severe injury the end of last week during a terribly freak accident in Colorado. Phil was injured when an arm of a forklift broke and fell on his head, right shoulder and arm. He sustained a slight concussion, and lots of stitches! We are SO thankful that he is on the mends, and the doctors in Colorado say that he will recuperate 100%.

We love Phil very much, and are thrilled to have him for a brother-in-law! (We love you, too, Teecie!) :-) We're especially thrilled that he's alive, alert and enjoying all the things and relationships that are so meaningful to him!

Thank You, Lord, for Your kindnesses, which truly ARE new every morning!
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