Monday, August 21, 2006

This past June, Phil and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. Rather than do anything particularly special at that time, we made the decision to check online and see when we could get tickets for Celine Dion's show in Las Vegas.

Well, we were able to get tickets, and made that trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, flying there on Friday from San Francisco where Phil is presently on an IBM engagement. We stayed at the Venetian, where we've stayed on previous trips to LV. We love being there because the surroundings remind us of our trips to Venice, Italy, one of our most favorite places to visit. After arriving at the hotel Friday evening, we were able to have a great dinner in one of the many restaurants in the hotel.

We had a leisurely day on Saturday. Saturday evening, we walked from the Venetian down the street to Caesars Palace, where Ms. Dion appears at the Colosseum, the theater designed especially for her and her show, "A New Day." We had seats in the 8th row from the stage! We could see and hear everything perfectly! I'm amazed at Celine Dion's vocal range, and what she's able to do with the gift God has given her. The show, with all the dancers and musicians, was wonderful! And.....she sang all the songs that she made famous and that are familiar to those in attendance. She's a great entertainer.

The Venetian is so massive (as are so many of the hotels in Las Vegas) it was impossible to get the entire complex in one picture, but I tried with this shot capturing just part of the place, taken from the sidewalk across the street from the hotel.

This is the hallway upon entering the building. Notice the "Phantom of the Opera" banners. The Venetian has a brand new theater, and this musical is now showing there. We've seen "Phantom..." several times in London, but would love seeing this presentation with its special effects!

These canals are within the Venetian Hotel, complete with gondolas and singing gondoliers.
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