Monday, August 14, 2006

Here it is, Monday, August 14th. We've just had a great weekend at home, and the weather was exquisite. Sunny, near 72 degrees with a light breeze....perfect!

Now Phil is at O'Hare and will soon be boarding a United 747 for his regular flight to San Francisco. He agreed to give up his seat on the 7:00 AM flight, and in doing so, was put in business class (that's with foot rests and reclining seats!) for the 9:55 AM flight to SFO. He also received a free ticket that we can use at some point in time. Thank you, Lord, for extra blessings on this Monday morning!

I have things set up so that all the photographs on my computer act as a slide show all day. When I walked into the office a few moments ago, the above picture was on the screen. I knew immediately what it was, because this is the sort of thing I love to capture if possible. It happens to be a little cluster of fern or some greenery growing between the stone cracks on the outside of Windsor Castle.

Let me show you three more views that caught my eye outside Windsor.

This plant has leaves like holly, but has yellow flowers.

More greenery growing on very old stone work.

Some sort of's probably holding the building up! ha Isn't it beautiful, though?
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