Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yesterday, I did a good bit of Googling in an effort to find an English-speaking church that we might attend today (Sunday), Christmas Eve, 2006. We were delighted to discover that Shanghai Community Church has two services for expatriates during which only English is spoken. We decided to attend the service at 2:00 PM. Another would follow at 4:00 PM.
We took a taxi from the hotel, arriving at the church in plenty of time to get choice seats near the front. We were also in time to hear the groups and band rehearsing (picture above -- you can see Phil's blond hair in the center of the photo). (Brought back lots of memories of doing that ourselves while people were coming into the church prior to our concerts!)
We were so glad we made the effort to attend. A young Chinese woman who has just returned from the USA after three years of theological training spoke first. Then there were the usual Christmas carols -- all very meaningful; a men's quartet sang "Do You Hear What I Hear?"; and the most exquisite and meaningful part of the service for both Phil and me: six young women dressed in red flowing gowns, each with a large white lily in her hair, performed an absolutely beautiful interpretive dance to the song by 4Him, "A Strange Way to Save the World."
We have the 4Him Christmas album; it's one of our very favorites! My favorite song on that album is "A Strange Way to Save the World."
Imagine: God brought us all the way to Shanghai, China, so that we could both cry while listening to that wonderful song and watching those young women do such a beautifully expressive and meaningful job in their dance! What a special experience for Phil and me!
A gentleman whom we assumed is the pastor gave a very meaningful message, and after "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing," we were dismissed so that the next "group" could enter for the 4 PM service.

Of course, after any event: gotta get "home," so somebody has to flag down a taxi! And somebody has to take the pictures!

Now we will soon leave the room in order to attend a beautiful Christmas eve buffet in the restaurant on the 38th floor -- just to the right of that beautiful curving staircase (I posted that picture previously).

Have a blessed Christmas Eve, everyone.

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John & Cheryl Fornelli said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Myrna and Phil. I am glad you are able to spend Christmas together - and, how often Christ speaks new words to us when we are in a different place. It's great that you can be on the "receiving end" of the talents in church, as you spent so many years giving.