Friday, December 15, 2006

On Wednesday morning, I opened the drapes of the windows on the east side of our hotel room and saw what appeared to be a gaggle of geese almost in a row! :-) I found it quite amusing that their timing was just perfect for me and my camera!
Yesterday, I took my camera with me, because while the scenery remains the same day in and day out, one never knows what fowl or flower may present itself in a way not noticed before.
In the above photo, the San Francisco Airport is in the distant background. Much nearer, a bunch of Mallards, washing and relaxing in the water of outgoing tide that is ever-so-slowly making its way to the bay. I stood and watched while a white seagull floated out to sea as it sat idly in the moving water, preening (is that the word I want?) itself.

Those same Mallards, doing what Mallards do. :-)

Unlike almost all the trees that stand along the trail by the bay that have lost their leaves with the onslaught of shorter days and cooler weather (except for the evergreens), this tree appears to be grudgingly holding onto its colorful display. Even on a cloudy overcast day, the color was vibrant.

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