Saturday, December 16, 2006

December evening sky near our Illlinois home.

A photo of our good friends and neighbors from Sun City where we live in Huntley, IL. (This was taken at a Christmas program in Wheaton, IL.) Seated left to right are Pat Steward and Ron Edmondson. Standing left to right: Phyllis Edmondson, (my) Phil, and Debra Madson. How thankful we are for these great folks!

Same friends from Sun City, but with MOI in this photo! :-)

Our "annual" Christmas get-together with our wonderful friends of many years, Scott and Carolyn, with two of their daughters and their son-in-law. Carolyn gave me a plaque many years ago that says, "Friends are relatives we make for ourselves." This family is truly FAMILY to us, including their daughters!

Thank You, God, for friends who love us unconditionally and add to the quality of our lives, just by being themselves!

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