Sunday, December 03, 2006

Phil and I are back at the San Francisco Airport Marriott, where we've been for almost a week. We've had a lovely, quiet weekend here. Phil did some work yesterday and has done a little today, but our time has been spent relaxing, working on learning a new beta blogging procedure, as well as loading music onto the new IPOD Phil gave me for my birthday! :-) We went our for a walk this afternoon, and I captured a few pictures. It was actually dusk when we were out, so the blues, pinks and mauves of that time of day are reflected in the pictures. The tide was also out at the time, so the photos show sea bed instead of water. Above is a United airplane landing. The rest of the photos show the early evening almost-full moon hanging in the sky. In the final picture, there is a 747 landing.

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