Saturday, December 16, 2006

Paul and Linda Van Der Molen
Paul and Linda have in their home a large music room which houses a Robert Morton theatre organ. Every year in December, the Van Der Molens open their home to several hundred people (five programs in all) who come to hear a professional theatre organist perform Christmas music on this beautiful instrument. In addition to the organist, there is always an additional instrumentalist or vocalist to perform outstanding Christmas music. It's a wonderful evening, and a great "introduction" to the Christmas season.
This year (2006), the 23rd annual event, Jelani Eddington, was the organist. Mr. Eddington shared the program with pianist Lyudmila Lakisova-Alotta, a Steinway performing artist.

A professional photographer's rendition of the Van Der Molens' theatre organ.

A photo I took December, 2005 when we attended the Van Der Molens' 22nd annual Christmas Music Special.

The organist in 2005, Clark Wilson, theatre organist extraordinaire!

To take a "tour" of the Van Der Molens' Robert Morgan theatre organ, or see their lovely music room:

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Anonymous said...

I attended a couple of the parties with Lyudmila Lakisova, and was thoroughly impressed and entertained. From the room to the light (chocolate) refreshments, it was all classily done.