Friday, December 01, 2006

A highlight for all of us when we went with Phil (Teecie's husband -- and to keep from confusing him with MY Phil, let's spell his name "Phill") to feed his and Teecie's horses, Bronc, Slim and Nouri, was to watch Julia Jo respond to these wonderful animals.
In the picture above, she and Nouri are "visiting." :-)

What could make a little girl happier than her first horse ride, with "Unca Phiwwy" leading the horse, and Daddy right at her side?

On to Bronc, which is the horse that Phill always rides.

Julia Jo LOVED riding the horses! Who knows? By putting her on the backs of those magnificent animals, Phill may have created a gen-u-wine cowgirl! If you could have heard the delightful giggling JJ did while riding Bronc and Nouri, you just might agree. :-)

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