Saturday, December 02, 2006

All in a day's viewing.

Yesterday, the early morning sky offered the above view to my eager eyes. Soon, the sun made its way over the mountain tops to provide the sights in the picture below. My eyes, and my spirit, never tire of beholding the beauty of our planet, and the changes that appear daily from the very same hotel window's view here right on the bay of San Francisco.

Yesterday evening, the tide was WAY out. I took the above picture about dusk. (Aren't the pinks, mauves and blues gorgeous? I love it when the sky colors are reflected in the wet sea bed that is exposed by the water's tidal flow out.)

And this morning, the tidal waters returned, filling up the empty spaces!

Wonder how far this water traveled from the San Francisco bay area before it "turned around" and came home? :-)
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