Monday, December 04, 2006

Marriott Vacation Club - Aruba
There was a time when the word Aruba conjured up only the images of beautiful beaches, sun, and movement of the Tradewinds. However, now most of us think of only one thing when we hear the word Aruba: Natalee Holloway (I think that's the correct spelling.)
Back when Aruba was just another name for that tropical paradise, Netherland Antilles, we had a wonderful vacation there with one of our daughters, Kim, and her husband, Paul, as well as my sister, Teecie, and her husband, Phil (my Phil is Phil 1; Teecie's Phil is Phil 2). :-)
A mockingbird sitting on a boulder -- just for me!

A salamander-type critter, pausing on a palm tree trunk just before it scurried quickly away.

Beautiful white sand beach in front of the Marriott Vacation Club.

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dennisintn said...

glad you didn't have need of the a.l.e. while you were there. if you or your girls had had a run in with one of the privileged class like natalee ann holloway did, you could still be down there searching for them. and getting nothing but the runaround and lies from the officials. doesn't that sound wonderful? a l6 yr. old local girl was gangraped this summer at school on the island. the rapists phone pic'd their activities to all their friends. the girl had to leave the island. the rapists are all free and clear, just like nothing ever happened. strange place, that island.