Thursday, September 28, 2006

We raised our three daughters in Wheaton, Illinois, but in August of 2001, we made the decision to move to Arizona where our two grandchildren (and, coincidentally, their parents, Raul and Karma) lived. :-)

Pictured above you see Phil with those beautiful children, Raquel and Antonio. Phil is a loving grandpa who loved playing and interacting with "our little ones" while we lived in Arizona. Take a look at the following seven pictures. :-)

One day we decided to take Antonio and Raquel to a "self-pick" peach orchard. It was about 100 degrees outside, but they didn't complain one bit! Due to the heat, it didn't take us long to pick our peaches, because we didn't want to spend one extra minute outdoors!

We went back to our house, and after peeling all those peaches, we froze some of them, but the best part was having peaches and ice cream after we all went swimming in our pool! (By the way, the peaches were so warm from the outside heat, we had to put them in ice water to cool them down before peeling them. I was afraid they would rot before my eyes! ha)

We would occasionally have the two children spend the weekend with us. One morning while Phil was shaving, they asked if they could shave, too. Phil lathered them up and let them "shave" with a bladeless shaver. They loved it. Of course, Grandma HAD to get a picture of the threesome before the shaving cream came off!

Phil read nightly to our girls when they were children (he can still quote Kim's favorite, Dr. Seuss's I HAD TROUBLE IN GETTING TO SOLLA SOLEW, "...where they never have troubles, at least, very few....").
Well, it came naturally that, after several hours of swimming in our pool, Antonio and Raquel loved to each get into one of Phil's T-shirts, and have Grandpa read to them also before they went to sleep. Believe Grandma: Grandpa loved it, too! :-)
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