Saturday, September 30, 2006

My entries yesterday focused mostly on Cheryl Fornelli, who is headed to Central America with her husband, John. They will be ministering there for at least two years initially.

Today, I want you to see two of the greatest altos ever, who happen also to be two wonderful friends. You can read more extensively about them at my personal website.

The picture above is Marcia Twadell, who sang 2nd alto (low!) in Just Four. Marcia's gorgeous red hair is naturally curly! The Bible says to NOT covet....but how could the rest of us not want to have her beautiful hair?? :-)

Joanna Hettinga is guilty of making me giggle more than anyone else I know! There's a scripture verse that says, "A merry heart doeth good like medicine." With Joanna's ability to lift my heart and make me laugh as much as she has, I should be as healthy as a horse! ha

Marcia, you have added so much to my life, both musically and emotionally! I'm so thankful to call you friend!

Joanna, your transparency and your desire to "live from the inside out" challenges me still! You continue to help make me a better person.
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