Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As you may recall, we recently spent a week at Sanibel Island, Florida. After flying into Orlando and spending the night there, we drove the next day southwesterly to Sanibel, which is located just south of Fort Myers, Florida.

One thing you can count on in the summertime in Florida: several changes in the weather in the course of a day.

As we drove from Orlando to Sanibel, we encountered sunshine, clouds, rain, and more sunshine. The picture above shows four different sky "views," with that gorgeous sky blue as the background; white puffy clouds on "top" of the blue; grey stormy-looking clouds on the left side of the picture; and heavy rain on the right side.......all in one shot!

I was so struck by the deep blue of the sky, and the brilliant white of the clouds, so I took the photo above.

Looks like layers, doesn't it? The bottom is the tops of trees along the highway; the middle is white "puffy" clouds (what other word can I use in place of that one??), and heavy gray ones that signal a storm.

And of course, a sunset...that particular night's pallette of color.
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