Friday, September 29, 2006

This is my good friend, Cheryl Fornelli, and her husband, John.
God graciously gave me two loving "blood" sisters, Joyce and Teecie. He also gave me other 'sisters' who have blessed my life immensely just because of who they are -- and Cheryl is one of them.

John and Cheryl recently made the decision to leave Illinois and go to Nicaragua and Guatemala in order to minister to the people of Central America, using their special talents and spiritual gifts to share the gospel, the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

John, a classical guitarist par excellence, is a gifted teacher and evangelist, and his greatest desire is to share Christ with others.

Cheryl, in addition to being an outstanding vocalist (and my alltime favorite soprano with whom to share a recording mike), is a registered nurse, and a teacher/writer of drama...and comedy, I might add! :-)

I know that God will use both of them in an unusual way because of their varied abilities. The Fornellis have established a weblog,, and they hope to keep us informed as they're able as to what is occurring in Central America as a result of their ministry efforts.

Cheryl is a wonderful, beautiful human being! Following are three pictures of her during television appearances of Just Four. (Please read about Just Four below these photos of Cheryl.)

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