Friday, September 15, 2006

We continue enjoying our stays at the Marriott San Francisco Airport with a "straight-on" view of the main touch-down spot where planes land at the airport here in San Francisco. Phil and I are like a couple of children when it comes to trains and planes, and never tire of traveling! (It's a GOOD thing, since this is part and parcel of our lives as a result of Phil's employment as an IBM consultant!)

Many afternoons after Phil gets "home" from the Genentech office where he's been on an engagement since the middle of March (and will be through the end of 2007), we put on our walking shoes and head out to enjoy twenty minutes or so along the wonderful paved walkway that runs right along the water in front of the hotel.

As we're walking, all we have to do is turn to our side and look out over the water and watch planes take off and land; if we turn in the other direction, we're able to view all sorts of pretty plants and bushes like the one above and those pictured in the next blog entry. Its leaves have already turned color, signaling that Fall isn't far off. :-) Yay!

These birds (what are they called? I have no idea!) stand in the water along the shore until something triggers their flight (like Phil clapping his hands! ha), and off they go in unison. In the course of the day, I can see large numbers of them flying about over the water between the hotel and the landing strip. There are also large groups (flocks?) of pelicans that soar about in the same area, as though they're watching the planes themselves. (They're probably scanning the waters below for food.)

A shot taken in the opposite direction.

Yesterday, there was windshear activity most of the day, and it was fascinating to watch. It appeared as though a giant was blowing across the top of his cup of coffee, attempting to cool the hot drink. :-)
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