Friday, March 26, 2010

After arriving via train from London and getting a good night of sleep at the Edinburgh Marriott on Glasgow Road, we were ready to take a red, double-decker city bus to the east along Glasgow Road "into town" for our day's outing. (If we went west on Glasgow Road from the hotel, we would end up in? Glasgow!) Phil took the above photo of me and the young kilt-clad bellman when we were in Edinburgh at the same hotel January 2007 with my cousin and her husband.

When she saw me with my camera, ready to take a photo of Phil and the Fledderjohanns, a kind lady on Princes Street downtown Edinburgh offered to take a picture of the four of us instead, with Edinburgh Castle in the background. That was great, because we were headed to the castle for a tour.

And here she is with Phil and Dennis. Lovely lady, she was! :-)

This is a photo of Edinburgh Castle that I took January 2007 from our Caledonian Hotel room window. How I wish the camera could capture the immensity of that fortress sitting on top of volcanic rock!

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