Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday evening, March 6, 2010, our lovely friends, Dennis & Liz Fledderjohann, joined Phil and me on a memorable 11-day trip to the United Kingdom. The enjoyable flight ended early the next morning when we landed at London's Heathrow Airport. (Above: photo from airplane of morning sun shining on clouds.)

Ah, London...double-decker red buses and red telephone booths

Huge floral arrangements can always be found in the lobby of the County Hall Marriott Hotel where we would spend the first three nights of our trip. County Hall Marriott was formerly a city government building, and is located right on the Thames River and across Westminster Bridge from the Parliament Building and Big Ben.

And The EYE lit with blue lights at night. The EYE, adjacent to County Hall Marriott and along the Thames, is a huge structure with large "bubbles," each one holding a good-sized numbers of people, and giving those encapsulated in the "bubbles" a unique view of London. It takes approximately an hour for one revolution of this ferris wheel-type ride.
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