Sunday, March 28, 2010

Due to work being done on a portion of the track on which we would normally have ridden a train direct from Glasgow to Stranraer, we took a train from Glasgow to Ayr, south of which were the non-operating train tracks. After a brief "layover" in the Ayr train station, we boarded a large tour bus for the brief and final portion of our trip to Stranraer, the port city where we would catch the ferry to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

There was just a handful of us on the large bus, so Phil and I opted to "spread out" and enjoy two seats each rather than "snuggling" next to one another on the bus. :-) (If you've ridden a tour bus, you *know* what I mean by snuggling. ha) Above is a photo of my darlin' PJ.

Dennis and Liz, "snuggling" on the bus across the aisle from me. :-)
(Notice poor Dennis's knees with NO room to move!)

Our bus ride was wonderful, because the roadway we traveled from Ayr to Stranraer was a narrow, 2-lane very scenic "highway" that took us right through the heart of several small towns (in contrast to train tracks that pass through the "back side" of towns). So close were the structures to the roadway that sometimes I felt as though, if my bus window had been open, I could have reached out and touched a building! A beautiful little church in one of those towns.

I was fascinated by this huge castle-type home in the center of a small town, and its likewise huge "horse pen" (instead of a grassy yard) on a corner lot!

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