Friday, March 26, 2010

A day's outing while we were in Edinburgh was to travel eastward about 30 miles out into the Scottish countryside to The Gilmerton House. Above: A sign letting us know that we were in the right place. :-)

My maiden name is Kinlaw, and there are those who believe that the residents of The Gilmerton House by the name of Kinloch, are part of my ancestry. Thus, our reason for making the trip to the estate (and my decision to have my picture taken at the closed gate). There is a speaker on a stand outside the gate (you can't see it in the picture), and Phil learned from the person in charge of the place (via that speaker outside the gate) that the Kinlochs were "on holiday," and we would not be able to meet them.

The Gilmerton House -

The lady in charge of the property *did* at least open the gate, allow us in, met with us and allowed us inside the "house"...but no tour and no photos. So, all was not lost. :-)

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