Friday, March 26, 2010

We had a lovely Audi rental car (with automatic transmission) for the day, but after leaving The Gilmerton House, had one of those never-anticipated flat tires!

Phil pulled the car off the roadway and into a drive that went WAY back to someone's house. He figured we were in a "safe" spot and would bother no one while he and Dennis changed the tire.

Try as they may, Phil and Dennis could NOT get the tire off that car! We were about to feel a certain amount of dismay because, as you may recall, we were way OUT in the Scottish countryside on a very narrow road!

What a blessing when the man who owned the property, and driveway where we had stopped, came out to greet us and find out what our problem was. Fortunately, he had men coming to work for him that day. They soon arrived (both driving huge John Deere machinery) and after a good deal of pushing and finally kicking the tire/wheel, they were able to get the wheel off and placed the temporary on for us! (While we had a new car, it appeared that the wheel rim was completely rusted; that was why Phil and Dennis had NOT been able to get it off themselves.)

The man who did the majority of the work in getting the wheel/tire off and the temporary on so that we could continue on our way was dressed in a white work jumpsuit over his regular clothing. When I told him, with much appreciation for what he had done, that he was "like an angel dressed all in white," he quickly replied with his musical Scottish brogue, "That's what me wife tells me!" ha What a blessing; what kindness extended to us; and to quote Liz, "another serendipity!"

(By the way, I might mention that I'm not comfortable with making public the name, or a photo, of the dear Scottish gentleman on whose property we stopped with that flat tire, but the four of us will never forget him!)

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