Tuesday, January 09, 2007

As you know, Phil and I are back in the San Francisco area. Phil started the new year at work on January 3rd, and I've been with him since 1/4/07.
I went out for walks yesterday and early this morning. Yesterday, I took my camera with me and captured some sights along the way.
Above is a photo of beautiful ducks swimming near the shore. I must confess that I can never see ducks without thinking of my mother. :-) When our girls were young, Mother often came and spent several weeks at a time with us. When it was time for her to return home, she always told the girls that she had to go home and get her "ducks in a row." They could never figure out why Grandma had those silly ducks! ha

New pinecones.....crystalline sky.

A view of the Marriott down the walkway. Such a great place to stay, with a great place to walk. I'm so blessed!


John & Cheryl Fornelli said...

The picture of the winter wheat is so pretty. God manifests Himself to us in so many ways.

RealEstateGirl said...

I agree, I love the one of the winter wheat! I've added you as a link on my blog site and posted a blog about you and your photo-taking abilities!